Konnichiwa Club

In Japanese, "Konnichiwa" means "hello." It is a common word used during first time introductions and expresses the essence of our group.

The Konnichiwa Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to introducing Japanese culture to people in Atlanta. Before our club was founded, some people promoted Japanese culture to various local organizations by themselves. However, they found this to be difficult.

Finally, in 1994, some of the people gathered and founded the Konnichiwa Club. Currently we have about twenty members.

Basic Japanese

Japan Fest 2014 Info is coming soon!

Event Information

Summer Kids "Ikebana" Class

Date: 6/2, 7/9, 8/4, 10AM~12PM (If you are interested in attending a class, please register 2 days prior to the class you are attending.)

5-year-old to 18-year-old

Fee: $18 per class/per person (includes flowers, oasis, and container)

Please bring your own towel, and a container to carry out your arrangement.  Please bring your snacks and drink for your child(ren) or yourself.

Venue: Dunwoody area (Please be advised that a specific address will be provided upon your registration). 

You may drop off your child or stay as you wish.

Contact & Registration
Cell. 314-757-0036 or Email.  ikuyoflower@gmail.com